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Pergosystem® Alpha Zerro°  is a modern, innovative model, which can either be fitted to an existing construction (metallic, wooden, concrete or other frame) or be self-supported. This model incorporates two innovations. The first one is that the awning system can be boxed, by putting an extra closing aluminum profile on the front beam, giving a compact and modern look to the construction. The second innovation is that the system includes an internal gutter, allowing rainwater to drain off through the front columns, without installing external gutter tubes. Besides the aesthetic advantage, the installation of vertical systems between the front columns becomes easier and more convenient.

The implementation of the system can be done in two ways, either on a front aluminum beam or with rods or hanging blades. It can easily be installed in harmony with the existing structure, without affecting its architecture. It fully protects from all weather conditions. All the structure is entirely made of aluminum with INOX parts. The side guides are aluminum profile with external dimensions: 130x65mm. The maximum covered area with a single fabric piece is 13,00x6,00m. The movement of the fabric is carried by wireless motor of the French company Somfy. 

The fabric of the system is Sunblock of the French company Dickson. It is a blockout PVC, non-flammable (class 2), with a very high thermal deflection ratio, that ensures optimum comfort in areas with strong sunlight.

It can be combined with a wide variety of optional equipment, such as LED lighting system, aluminum profiles for Roman-type decorative cloth, extra guide rain catcher, brush, roof protection, motor connection to internet, weather sensors, etc.


Zerro° (Guide only)


Zerro° Uniq (Open beam)


Zerro° Uniq F(Close beam)


Pergosystem® Alpha Zerro° Uniq

Max width: 13,00m
Max length: 7,00m

Pergosystem® Alpha Zerro° Uniq F

Max width: 13,00m
Max length: 6,50m





GUIDES - Zerro° Uniq F

GUIDES - Zerro° Uniq F

POWDER COATING (on Production)




Rain Catcher

pergola waterproof

Protection Cover ALPHA

pergola cover


PVC Sunblock by Dickson for Pergosystem®

dickson specs

Pergosystem Alpha Series introduce a solid and robust awning system, following the European Union safety standards. Marked with CE-marking (UNI EN 13561).

Due to the extreme weather conditions, all original Pergosystem® Alpha products are made with inox steel parts, in order to succeed excellent durability.

From selecting raw materials, parts and accessories, to production, sales and customer service, quality is the key-word for every process in Alpha.

Alpha products are known for the ergonomy, safety and unique quality. The are characterized by a unique serial number and identified by a 3D brand hologram mark.

All authentic Pergosystem® Alpha products are accompanied by written warranty

All original Pergosystem® Alpha products are tested to weather conditions from Certified Laboratory.